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What Is The Academy? It's Street Smart Business, Personal Branding And Video Solutions!

The Academy is more than just an online course. It's more like a LIFETIME RESOURCE. It's a library that is continuously updated with the best business and personal brand growth strategiesthe latest video marketing strategiessocial media and video tips and how to's.  

Everything we have learnt over 24+ years working belly to belly with major companies like Sony Music, MTV, Success Resources as well as celebrities like Toni Garrn is included in the Academy. 

We grew up in an entrepreneurial family, one of us experiencing ultra wealth while growing up, the other ultra poverty!

We learnt from our mistakes as well as from the world's best.

With the outstanding amount of experience and track record behind us as well as spending years of researching and studying the global companies we have worked with we help you bring forth what is within you and use it to move touch and inspire people with what you do!

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