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We are the World's Favourite Sisters! We help you create your online luxury profitable and sustainable personal brand with videos that people fall in love with!

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Let’s talk about the 3 most dangerous mistakes people make while choosing a personal branding coach...

...and how it can affect REVENUE, COST and SAFETY

The "branding expert" who promises overnight success

Choosing to work with “experts” that promise overnight success leads to a waste of time and money. As a result, your positioning has nothing to do with your brand or who you are, you look unprofessional and your message doesn't have the powerful impact that it could have…

The slimy salesperson

This type of “branding expert” is only interested in your money and doesn't value nor honour your time, your craft and your vision. This person takes absolutely no time to do any research or take the time to do the necessary preparation that is needed in order to produce the desired results.

The "branding expert" who puts you in a box 

Someone who wants to put you in a box instead of building upon your uniqueness and your special unique sales proposition. Working with this type of person leads to a false and misleading representation of your identity, your message, your story and can damage your reputation. 

If you have created a fake persona...

…that wears a mask, is acting confidently when in fact what's inside is not confident at all and as a result the energy that is being projected to the world is that of a cheap, self obsessed sleazy, fake salesperson, resulting in hurting yourself and your pocket…

If you've been undervaluing yourself...

…your business or your service and dimming your light out of fear of jealousy, gossip and judgment and you see that other people around you have found success even though they have far less experience or a track record than you do…

If you have a big desire inside of you...

…a passion to create your personal brand and share your story with thousands of clients or even millions and you have tried time and time again to start something but every step forward took you two steps back or difficulties in life happened causing you to shrink back and now you don't know what to do


The untraditional way to build a high value luxury personal brand online, start charging what you're really worth and working with your VIP Ideal Clients! 



The simple 4 step formula to position yourself as the highest paid authority on and offline!



The only high value training that you need to get you started on creating high converting short form videos!


Our Story!

The sisters help speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs create their luxury online personal brand with videos that people fall in love with. They were born ultra rich in a loving, carefree, happy and united family who didn’t know what worry meant and one day to the other they found themselves losing all their businesses and properties. 

Their turning point was when they survived a house fire and started their journey in the self development industry with a quest to create freedom in over 1 billion businesses.

After a successful career in the film industry, working with MTV, Sony Music helping young professionals become personal brands, working on over 200 video clips, events, festivals and commercials, 2 TV Shows and multiple films, they are now helping you monazite and mobilise your business and create a personal brand that people love and are proud of.

You will see them work with HSBC, Success Resource, Veronica and Richard Tan, Tony Robbins, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Chalene Johnson, Bernardo Moya among others.

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 Girls Building Wealth Mastermind is where we we talk sexy luxury personal branding tricks and hacks!

Personal branding with videos, sales, marketing, managing your life and your business in easy fun ways!

We put family first and business follows hereπŸ˜‰β˜€οΈβ€οΈπŸ₯‚


 Here are some topics we cover:

🎬 How to create killer video marketing content

πŸ”₯ How to magnetise with your personal brand

πŸŽ₯ How to be a magnetic woman on and off camera.

Our weekly schedule is:

Money Monday!

Branding Tuesday!

Showtime Wednesday!

Mindset Thursday!

Marketing Friday!

Self Love Saturday!


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